Fun is in our DNA. And in fact, it’s in yours. Yours, your children and everyone you know. We all work hard, so that at the end of the day or week, we can head off for some leisure time and have fun. But the range of outlets offering this fun are limited, with quality varying widely.

At dbio, we consider ourselves creators of original and ground-breaking fun-filled entertainment destinations. We’re investing, transforming, disrupting, even revolutionising what the UK offers in family leisure and themed entertainment. And we’re doing this for everyone. Young children, teenagers, families, young adults and adults. Entertainment and leisure solutions that can be universally enjoyed.

We’ve a proven track record in creating family entertainment and digital gaming centres across the Middle East. And now we’re bringing this wealth of experience to the UK.

A rollercoaster of emotions

Our destinations are cleverly designed to appeal to emotions. To integrate activity with achievement. Laughter with competition. Exercise with exhilaration.

Thrill and adventure with resourcefulness and intelligence. Visitors to our attractions will want to stay, to return and stay connected with our entertainment centres, even when they leave for the day.

And that’s because through our experience we know how to harness leading edge and on-trend technology in the most positive way possible; in creating safe, happy, healthy, inspiring and exciting environments for families to spend their time.

ClueHQ Kingston

Our UK based project is ClueHQ Kingston. We opened ClueHQ Kingston on (15th) September 2018. Since opening, we have been very successful, with high recommendations and reviews on TripAdvisor along with being ranked No.1 Fun Activity and Game in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Here at ClueHQ we bring the mystery and excitement to you. We provide immersive and thrilling escape games, where every experience is unique. All our rooms are filled with challenging riddles, fun puzzles and hidden clues and codes for you to find. Our games will put your skills to the test whilst you work as a team to escape before the 60 minutes
are up.

This experience is suitable for all and to be enjoyed by everyone! This is something you can try with your family, friends, work colleagues or even to celebrate a birthday. Our expert games hosts will ensure that every visit to Clue HQ Kingston will be an experience you won¹t forget! Our hosts are highly trained and will look after you throughout your whole visit, ensuring that when you leave us, you have a smile on your face and a craving for more!

If you want to find out more about ClueHQ Kingston, click on the link below and it will take you to our website.



Who We Are

DBIO Ltd is a UK based company, run by co-founders and Directors Mohamed Mansour and Sherif Elbassiouny.

We may be in the business of fun, but we take our values seriously. As entrepreneurs with a solid track record in family entertainment; we have the vision to see where the market is going and where we see an opportunity or a challenge; we create a solution.

Our combined skillset and experience means that we complement each other as a team; delivering project management and all aspects of operational delivery; whilst using creativity and outstanding technical talent to build the digital solutions that underpin our entertainment concepts.

We work tirelessly to deliver each and every project to the highest specifications and outcomes, while also keeping our minds on the next stage.

The appetite for new and exciting entertainment solutions, and the technological possibilities, will never stand still.

And neither will we.

Sherif Elbassiouny

Sherif Elbassiouny

Director of Projects

A grandmaster at Project Management

When it comes to the delivery in theme entertainment, you could not be in safer hands than with Sherif.

With experience as the Events Director/Head of Design and Build Projects for ADabisc where he was responsible for launching Family Entertainment Centres in Qatar, Sherif is known for exacting standards and exceptional delivery.

Skilled in all aspects of business planning and Project Management, Sherif is passionate about transforming Family Entertainment as we know it; breathing new life into this sector through integrating existing and new technology.

Sherif’s work ethic and relentless determination to operate only the highest professional standards are what has led to such an outstanding track record and global career in events and entertainment delivery.

He is driven by seeing the commercial success of entertainment ventures and in pushing the boundaries and possibilities of this market.

Success in Sherif’s eyes is seeing businesses flourish within the family entertainment industry and the joy and satisfaction experienced by the end customer; visitors to the attractions.

Mohamed Mansour

Mohamed Mansour

Director of Technology

Technology runs in his blood

Mohamed has lived and breathed technology and family entertainment for his whole career. In his previous role as Technology Director at ADabisc in Qatar, Mohamed led on all aspects of ICT and digital services; integrating the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technology available into gaming, sporting and educational entertainment.

Mohamed doesn’t just conceptualise innovative ideas; he is able to project manage and direct their development. He doesn’t just spot a gap in the market; he uses his immense technical skills to devise and produce a solution.

Throughout Mohamed’s involvement in successful, high profile and ground-breaking themed entertainment projects in the Middle East, he has displayed an innate ability to relate to different audiences. He is able to anticipate the devices and methods that will gain traction and engagement with different age groups; so everything he develops is firmly with the user in mind.

To Mohamed, technology offers a whole world of new opportunities within Themed Entertainment; the opportunity for businesses to thrive, and for customers to get increased levels of enjoyment and physical benefit out of their leisure time. He has the technical, management and client service skills combined with endless creative vision, innovative ideas and passion to bring entertainment concepts to reality.

Get in touch

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